What is Vapple?

While Vapple offers a wide variety of products that meet all your hunting needs, the bread and butter of Vapple is our flavored package deal. Our unique system allows you to treat your choice of feed with one of five different flavored powders. The deer will quickly associate that smell with food, meaning you can use that same flavor as a scent cover by spraying down your boots, camo, hunting blind, etc. Here's the kicker - our wind checker contains the same powder that is mixed in with the feed. You can refill this bottle using the 1lb. powder bag. With our wind checker, you can (1) check the wind, (2) if that trophy you're chasing gets down wind of you, you can cover your scent by releasing the powder into the air, and (3) our system has been proven to "bring 'em in down wind" and attract deer more times than not.

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