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7 lb Granular Mineral

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Vapple’s 7 lb. bag is a top shelf mineral.  This is not a glorified salt mineral/attractant. Vapple Mineral is loaded down with micro and macro minerals your deer needs to grow bone. With Vapple’s super strong apple formulation added,  you have one of the best minerals on the market. 

Directions: Locate a place for your site near water, game trails, or bedding areas. Clear an area 3-4 sq. ft. free of debris. Disperse mineral over cleared area and mix in top one inch layer of soil. Keep your mineral site fresh to maximize health benefits and feed year-round. For optimal results, mix with red clay.


Vapple- New Bone-A-Fide Deer Mineral

Kelvin Wilcox, owner of Vapple, and Alltech Mineral Nutritionist Roger Scaletti discuss the new Bone-A-Fide deer mineral, which contains only organic trace minerals.


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