Q. What is Vapple?

A. Vapple is a powder formula that was developed so it could be dispensed from the stand. It also is used for mixing with feed. The liquid  form of Vapple has been carefully blended to ensure great success as a cover scent and to compliment the powder.

Q. What makes it different from all the others?

A. Vapple is an attractant as well a cover scent. I do not know of another product that can bring a deer from downwind.

Q. What flavor work best?

A. All the flavors have been tested and had success. In our testing apple has shown to be an over all winner. We recommend getting a  flavor that would be good for your area,for instance if you have persimmon trees in your area go for the persimmon flavor. 


A. The powder formula is used as an attractant to bring deer in from down wind and as a cover scent.

Q. What is the purpose of the liquid formula?

A. The liquid formula is a compliment to the powder in creating a scent trail and also used as a cover scent for your clothing.

Q. Why should I use Vapple?

A. Why not? You have nothing to lose! With it you gain a valuable defense against the wind.

Q. Can you guarantee it will work all the time?

A. Nothing is a guarantee, however, we have had more success than not. We are so confident in our product that we do guarantee satisfaction or your money back.


Q. Do you hunt with the wind?

A.Every good hunter knows you are suppose to hunt with the wind but vapple is a game changer. If the wind changes and you are in  your stand dont worry. If you want to hunt your stand and the wind is wrong dont worry cause vapple is there to cover your scent and bring them straight to you. Its a product you have to use to believe.

Q. How much powder do I mix with my feed?

A. 1 lb. to 1/2 ton of feed. Also you can refill your 4 oz. bottle with the 1 lb. bag. The Vapple 4 oz. bottle has the correct size orifice to dispense correctly.

Q. Explain the mineral mix and where it works best?

A. In the south, areas where there is no clay, we have had success creating a mineral lick in loose soil. Where there is clay, make a  mineral lick there. In the mid-west and northern areas, Our mineral licks seem to work on any soil. It is very important to understand how to create a mineral lick to see positive results.

Q. How does your mineral lick compare to others?

A. Most all mineral licks are comparable. Vapple mineral licks meet or exceed's the competition far as ingredients. What makes Vapple mineral licks different is the aroma of our flavor. We have deer on camera come in less than an hour after putting out our mineral.

Q. What is Vapple 20lb attractant used for?

A. As in the name it can be used as an attractant to bring them in quick. It is a supplement also with 16% fat and 24% protein making it  great for off season. For attractant pour on the ground. For supplement feeding use a trough or gravity type feeder.  It will meet  or beat anything on the shelf.