About Us

How Vapple Started...

Vanilla...Apple...Vapple. In 2012, our two 2 original flavors were launched in just 3 products. We offered the wind checker bottle, the flavored scent cover spray, and our 1lb. bag of powder attractant. Vapple revolves around the wind checker bottle. First, we use the powder bag to mix with our choice of feed. Then, the deer will now associate that smell and taste with food. Once mixed with food, we then use the wind checker bottle from the stand. The wind checker, containing the same powder as the 1lb. bag, will allow you to now check your wind direction, cover your scent, and attract a deer to "Bring 'em in Down Wind." Use the wind checker and scent cover spray in conjunction with each other to smell like the food source your deer have been eating on. Just like wearing camouflage to blend in with your surroundings, we aim to smell like their choice of feed to further blend in with our surroundings. Now, with Vapple, you can look and smell like your surroundings.
         However, we now offer the only 2-in-1 scent & UV eliminator on the market. If you want to go scent free, here you go. The UV eliminator will give you the extra edge to blend in with your surroundings.
        Although Vapple no longer offers a Vanilla flavor as a standalone product, as it proved to be more effective on hogs, all Vapple flavors still contain traces of the natural ingredient vanillin. Vanillin is a natural resource that can be found across North America. Vanillin has proven itself to be harmless yet effective in fooling the notorious nose of a deer. Research shows that smelling vanillin in large quantities can cause the olfactory system to shut down, as it is too strong for the nose and brain to process other smells around, allowing the scent of a human to go undetected. Vapple uses traces of vanillin to confuse the nose of a deer, but not enough to overload the system. We have perfected our formula to ensure that the deer's nose primarily smells our flavored powder. We love to go against the grain and hunt with the wind blowing downwind so the powder hits the deer's nose. This is what makes Vapple different from anything else on the market.