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Wheat (50lb)

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A soft, red wheat, Forager Wheat, is a medium to late-season maturity Winter Wheat variety. Forager Wheat has excellent straw strength and overall performs excellent in general disease, tolerance properties. Forager Wheat is an awnless variety.

Forager Wheat is primarily used for grazing and forage for the Southeastern to mid-Southern part of the United States, and can easily adapt to various soil conditions. Forager Wheat is commonly used for grazing, forage production and cover crop.

The Wheat seed is untreated.


  • -Maturity: Medium-late
  • -Height: Medium-Tall
  • -Heads: Awnless
  • -Standability: Excellent
  • -Powdery mildew: Very good
  • -Stripe rust: Very good
  • -Winter hardiness: Very good
  • -Forage quality: Very good
**Our seeds are designed for the Warm Season Zone**
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