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Wildlife Blend (50lb)

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Our Wildlife blend is designed to attract and feed wildlife such as deer and turkeys. The unique blend provides excellent nutrition for wildlife that will keep them around all winter long.

The spring oats in the mix will grow rapidly in the early fall of the year, providing quick ground cover to hold soil and smother weeds. The fast oat growth also provides quick nutrient scavenging. The oats winter kill, but provides that early season growth to lure wildlife in.

The triticale provides coverage after the spring oats winter kill, but keep the canopy open enough for the Winfred brassica, Keystone winter peas, and crimson clover to thrive. Winfred brassica comes out of the ground quickly and rapidly attracts wildlife. Strong regrowth allows this brassica to continue to provide nutri- tion and attract throughout the winter. Crimson clover and winter peas not only provide dense crude protein to the wildlife, but also add nitrogen to the soil to decrease nitrogen fertility needs. This blend contains larger seeds, and should be drilled for best results.

Wildlife Blend Facts:

  • Provides grazing from fall through spring

  • Prevents erosion

  • Weed suppression

Cover crop and/or forage use—potential for fall and spring cutting or grazing with high sugars and quality

Product Formula (by weight)

50% Oats
30% Triticale
10% Keystone winter pea
8% crimson clover
2% Winfred brassica


  • Seeding Rate:50lbs/A
  • Seeding Depth: 1/2”
  • Seeding Dates: September-late October
**Our seeds are designed for the Warm Season Zone**
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